Mary poppins #1

17 Nov

Mary Poppins is a great consultant.  She floats out of the sky and changes complex organizations – families.  One of her excellent pieces of advice is “well begun is half done.” Think about all the situations you have been in (meetings, projects, new product or service launches, new initiatives, new hires etc. etc. etc.) that got off to a bad start because no one  prepared properly. And how difficult, if ever, it was to overcome the bad start.  5P = proper planning produces premier performance.

I thought I might catch your attention using the brief clip of Mary below, but when I saw it I was impressed at the density of useful management ideas. Take a look, can you identify what these are?

There are so many it’s easy to miss some.

3 Responses to “Mary poppins #1”

  1. Tom Smith November 18, 2009 at 8:03 am #

    Wednesday, 18 November 2009

    This first comment is dated for two reasons: one) it is my first blog-comment, ever, and 2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, it is the first on Dr. Langhorne’s.

    The first comment cannot pass with a mere ‘Mary Poppins’ response, although I’ve used the quote many times . . . it often and aptly checks the rush and urgency which wars against good planning. (Although, if you use it, know some wag will say it is “Aristotle” to which you can reply, “Yes, and Plato, too, and also Socrates before both of their works.”)

    CONGRATULATIONS . . . on both jump-starting a blog but especially on the publication of your life’s career on management and leadership “Beyond Luck” (2010). If the attribution is true, that CBJ publisher John Lohman tags you the under-Fortune 500, or small business’ ‘Peter Drucker’ I quickly nod affirmative and call that a fitting appellation.

    As probably one of the greatest beneficiaries of many of John Langhorne’s management and leadership experiences . . . I cannot say enough how well thought out and often successfully applied his precepts are . . . they have survived the test of application in a ridiculous range of industries. Don’t let their simplicity fool you: the simplicity is distilled complexity to what is most useful.

    I cannot stand blogs, but have learned an immense body of knowledge from John Langhorne, so he’s the exception to my ‘avoid blogs’ rule, enough so, it is my first.


  2. Lynn Manternach December 3, 2009 at 4:50 am #

    I totally agree with Mr. Smith’s comments about John Langhorne. John is a wise man, with much to share – and he shares his wisdom generously.
    I’ve read “Beyond Luck” and it’s a reference every manager and leader should keep within arm’s reach…


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    […] Beginning a new job as a manager is a terrific opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your past practices, and refine them to become a better manager. Also, remember Mary Poppins’ advice: “Well begun is half done.” […]

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