Good news from big government

24 Feb

We have a dream about employees coming to work with anticipation of personal growth, excitement and a deeper sense of accomplishment that results from being the VERY BEST.”

At a meeting last week I had the great pleasure of hearing two key leaders from the National Center for Organizational Development at the Veteran’s Administration share the work that a small group of internal consulting psychologists has been doing to make the VA a more effective organization and a better place to work.  Here are their goals:

• Raise employee satisfaction

• Establish connections to improve patient satisfaction, quality of care and clinical outcomes

• Be data driven

They use triads of highly qualified organizational development professionals to work with individual workgroups (there are more than 11,000 in the VA) establishing teams tasked to improve the organizational climate.  They do extensive before- and after- employee surveys to measure results and the results are impressive.

Their tag line is:

Civility, Respect & Engagement in the Workplace

Leadership in action within a large Federal bureaucracy.  If they can do it there then….

One Response to “Good news from big government”

  1. Dee Ramsel February 26, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    Thanks for the great article showcasing good news in federal government. You mention impressive results from the Civility, Respect, and Engagement in the
    Workplace (CREW) initiative. Some of the results we have documented at NCOD after CREW interventions include improved individual job satisfaction, improved workgroup satisfaction, increased civility, and lower use of sick leave.

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