Communication Practices Self-Test

14 Apr

Last week the say/do ratio and the 6 Word Rule were considered.  These are key self-tests to assure your integrity is sparkling.

In an information-driven economy, management practice with knowledge workers must be trust-based.  The first of two core management principles in a trust-based system is exemplary communications:

The better-informed people are, the better they perform.

You can cast this principle into a self-test to assure the quality of your ongoing communications:

Do my internal customers have the appropriate information to do their jobs capably?

This principle is easy to state and hard to practice. Consider that communications move up and down as well as sideways in organizations.  This is largely driven by the information needs of your internal customers.  Who needs what information when?

The most basic and necessary information  is timely, accurate communication about job performance.  Go to , click on Preview The Book and scroll to pp 14 “One-on-one feedback is vital to your employees” for a practical process.

Consider this.  In a recent survey by Gallup of thousands of employees, nearly 70% said they had not had feedback, positive or negative, from their immediate manager in the past six months.  Satisfying this information deficit is potential source of huge productivity gains.

Maintaining a consistent stream of information is a day-to-day challenge.  Keeping your people informed is an essential ingredient to employee satisfaction.

Listen to an interview with John about Beyond Luck.

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