Mary Kay and Self-Test #2

21 Apr

Last week we introduced the principle of exemplary communications:

The better-informed people are, the better they perform.

The second core management principle is decision-making that involves key people, especially managers:

The closer a decision to the work, the better the decision.

This is somewhat more complex because there are four distinctly different types of decision making: authoritarian, authoritative, consultative and consensual.  And the term that describes the process continues to evolve:  participation, involvement, empowerment and most recently engagement.  Some simply call it “getting buy-in.”

Mary Kay Ashe, who put lots of women into pink Cadillacs, said, “Peoplesupport what they help create.”  This idea summarizes the essence of the above principle.

The problem for managers and executives is how to build ownership without losing executive function (control of decision making).  The above principle guides in the decision of when, who and how others should be involved in a decision. Of course decision makers who try to include more than a handful of people (7 ± 2) are going to have problems.

The self-test question is:

Do I have the right people involved in this decision?

Check out Mary Kay’s book – it’s full of everyday common sense about managing people.

Listen to an interview with John about Beyond Luck.

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