TED Is More Than the Name of a Defunct Airline

27 Apr

An important ingredient in leadership is having a global and wide-ranging base of knowledge.  Mostly this comes from deep reading of books, Journals, magazines and high-quality newspapers.

Recently a colleague directed me to the web site for TED Conference. The site offers is a fascinating collection of short (about 6 –22 minutes) video presentations from past conferences by talented speakers who are thought leaders in their respective areas.  Such a site offers an in-depth view of a key area by someone at the top of her class.

Here are three examples.  The first (The rise of cricket, the rise of India) is interesting and entertaining.  The second (Why are we happy?) is timely and provocative.  The third (Richard Dawkins on “Our queer” universe”) is profound and thought provoking.  Or go to TED and browse.  For those of you who enjoy a short, dense, well-presented chunk of information I am sending you to heaven.  Watch on!

Listen to an interview with John about Beyond Luck.

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