Early Career Development: Garden Party

15 Jun

For some months, I have been working with a very capable young woman who is early in her career.

A career usually has three stages, although much has been happening to change the nature of the final stage.

The first stage is the apprenticeship. This stage begins when people complete their formal education and enter the “real world” where they learn how to do their jobs. Surprisingly, this first part of a career often lasts until the late 30s to early 40s.

Then begins the journeyman stage of a career.  These years are typically  the most productive, satisfying and lucrative, and now may extend into the 60s and beyond.

The last stage is really “preparation for life after work” and is changing so much that it probably deserves another post.

The apprenticeship is focused mostly on developing competence and self-confidence. Success in building competence largely drives the development of self-confidence (The rapidly disappearing self-esteem movement pretty much got this exactly wrong).  High performers tend to be very self-critical in this period. This can become a problem if the self-analysis builds doubt instead of reinforcing performance and confidence.  Learning not to doubt yourself and continuing to remain self-aware is an interesting challenge. This threat ends when you say to yourself “I’m pretty good at this.”

This video is dedicated to you GenYs who are deep in this process.

Several post ago we discussed “small kindnesses.”  For a more in-depth article on this to go: http://www.corridorbiznews.com/aspx/NewsDetail.aspx?ItemID=1930

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One Response to “Early Career Development: Garden Party”

  1. Margie Harvey June 15, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    Great message/reminder that it does take time 🙂 And what a great video, John!!

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