New Managerial Job #2

25 Aug

Coming into a unit as the new manager usually initiates a brief honeymoon. Your direct reports are going to be trying to ascertain your management style. Understand that these impressions will be made on what you do and how well it correlates with what you say.  These impressions will have a significant effect on your ability to succeed.

The honeymoon is a one-off opportunity for you to visit with your key people, and if possible, everyone in your unit. This is a situation you must get right.  Do a bad job with this process and you will do yourself serious damage.  You must plan and carry out these conversations skillfully.  Remember, the more you talk, the less you learn.

When you complete this process the final step is visiting with your peers. These people are probably your internal customers and possibly your future support group.  Again, carry out these meetings skillfully.

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