Manager From Hell #3

29 Sep

Imagine what a delightful workplace this must have been:

“I had the “pleasure” of working for marketing agency whose owner saw fit to impose the following official (and unofficial) rules on a group of highly skilled, salaried, college-grad employees:

1. Be at your desk by or before 8:00. Your computer must be on, email open, and coffee/bagel in hand. Construction, weather and/or death is no excuse.

2. You get a 1/2 hour for lunch, and you have to take it between 12 and 1:00.

3. Afternoon break is from 3:15 to 3:45. You may not remain at your desk.

4. Dailies: You must send a detailed email at the end of every day summarizing you worked on. Never send before 5:00 or you will come under scrutiny.

5. Try not to leave before 5:10. The later you stay, the better.

6. Each employee has a chore (trash, dishwasher, etc). You can’t trade chores with anyone else w/o prior approval.

7. No cell phones in the building – please keep in your car.  Personal calls need manager approval.

8. Vacation/Flex Time: You get 5 days vacation/flex/sick time a year for your first 2 years. Adding vacation days to holiday weekends is prohibited. No overseas travel. (Yes, this is true!)

9. Non work-related use of your computer is prohibited. Your computer is monitored and you could be questioned about usage. Even checking email on your break is grounds for dismissal.

10. Don’t call in sick. If you do, fax a statement from your doctor. Ideally, you should come in to work for inspection to determine if you are actually sick before you’re allowed to go home.

11. Doctor’s visits MUST be before 9:00 am or after 4:00 pm.

There’s MORE! Much more awful things past 300 words. You don’t want to know…”

Let’s take a break from MFH and take a look at happiness next week

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