“Sorry, I’m Late” How texting damages relationships

20 Oct

Recently the Wall street Journal had had a great article entitled Sick of this text: “Sorry, I’m late?”  The essence of this is people are using text messages to postpone meetings with the promise they will soon be there – but are not.  The starting time of one-on-one social and business meeting starts slipping and becomes long delayed.  The postponer/offender believes she has satisfied “violating the start time agreement” and the receiver, who does the waiting, is angered or hurt.  The article offers a set of eight suggestions on how to deal with this new discourtesy.  It’s a good read and a timely wake-up call to those of you who have fallen into this practice.

By the way, lateness, particularly to meetings, by managers is perceived as not only a discourtesy but also an unwarranted demonstration of power.  As in “I can make you wait because I am your boss.” Repetitive forced waiting of people is a of those small but corrosive trust-busters.

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