Starting a New Job = Big Opportunity

3 Nov

The opportunity in a new job is that you can set aside baggage and make a fresh start. How you make this start is fairly important to your success.

Understanding and appreciating the key relationships in your workspace is one key approach. Your relationship with your immediate manager is critical to your success. This is the person who can help you succeed or, if she chooses, make you fail. The key here is to understand that your manager is very busy and it is up to you to take responsibility for this relationship. For a more in-depth review, the Harvard Business Review has an outstanding article entitled “Managing Your Boss.”

To tweak your interest, here are some of the things they recommend:

Make sure you understand your boss and her context.  Develop and maintain a relationship that fits the needs and styles of both parties, is defined by mutual expectations, keeps the boss informed, is based on dependability and honesty, and selectively uses your boss’s time and resources.

Every job where I have been successful, this was the core element of that success.  For more go toTake steps to start a new job the right way

This blog is dedicated to Rong Wang, have a great life in America Grace

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