On Firing Others

24 Nov

If you are very lucky manager, you may never have to separate someone from their job.  Although the chance of such luck seems to be declining as time passes.

There is no way to fire someone that will not do damage to some part or all of the person’s life.  A job gives us an income, a social network and an identity.  All of these will take a serous hit.  How people take the hit depends on each person’s situation.

The major mistake people make in firings is they take too long, and thus make them even more painful than they need to be.  I know of a man who was told he was going to be fired and the actual event did not happen for more than a month.  Imagine what that time must have been like for him.  That’s an extreme example. Consider the more typical example of making the meeting go on for more than 10 – 15 minutes. Please remember, once you have spoken the bad news, anything you say after that will probably not be heard. When you plan such an event, try to balance being sensitive with getting it done as expeditiously as possible.

Three articles in Beyond Luck explore in-depth what losing a job is like and how to manage a recovery. “So, You Just Lost Your Job! Now What?”  4.10, How To Find a Job After Being Fired; 4.11 and Finding a New Job is a Team Effort, 4.12.

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