Comm Series #1: Welcome

12 Jan

to a series of posts that will try to examine every aspect of communication.

” The fundamental task of management is to make people capable of joint performance by giving them common goals, common values, the right structure and the ongoing training and development they need to perform and to respond to change.”

– Peter Drucker

If managing is “a principle driven art” then having a deep understanding of information and communication is an essential aspect of that art. Exemplary communication is the most essential ingredient of effective managing and leading.

Our understanding of leadership has improved markedly in the past few years.  Most people who write cogently about leadership now talk about a life-long developmental process that ultimately produces people who are capable of extraordinary performance in an organizational context.  Communication is an essential ingredient of this performance.

Communication, perhaps with the exception of mathematics, is the most interesting and complex aspect of human cognitive behavior.  In this series will explore all aspects of communication and will try to build a managerial taxonomy of communication that helps you think about and optimize the why, what, when, where and how of your communications style.  As with all blogs your suggestions for topics, sources of information and comments are welcome.  We will begin next week with the most basic principle of communication.

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