Comm Series #2: Principles

19 Jan

The very best of human behavior is principle driven, as compared with thoughtless, impulsive responses to situations.  Exemplary communication needs principles we can test our decisions against to assure we behave in a manner that is consistent and wise.

The over-arching principle of exemplary communication is simple:

The better informed people are, the better they perform.

This is more than a principle and it is also a belief.  As you test your communications competency begin by testing this principle in two parts,

Do you believe it?  and

Do you practice it?

With few exceptions it is better for people to know, than not to know.  One assumption of this series is that people are extraordinary learners.  However, people cannot adapt and learn without timely, accurate information from their environments.

I believe there are few exceptions to this principle and raise it whenever someone is considering what to share.  Please note the answer is not more, but rather what and how.

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