Comm Series #6: Candor

16 Feb

Communications tools will not work if we fail to practice candor.  Candor is quite simply honesty or directness.

Jack Welch in his book Winning says that candor in communications does three things:

1. It gets people into the conversation, and with more ideas and frank discussions, better decisions are the potent outcome.

2. Candor generates speed, and speed in our competitive economy is a powerful competitive advantage.

3. Candor cuts costs by eliminating meaningless, non-contributing functions such as pointless meetings and lack of follow-through.

Why then is candor so hard even for those of us who know its value and have had success using it?

Can you spare four minutes to consider why candor is so powerful yet so difficult to practice? Also, learn the hardest place to practice condor.  Go to


and under “related videos”  on the right, click on the “candor” link.

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One Response to “Comm Series #6: Candor”

  1. Margie Harvey February 16, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    Excellent topic, John! This came up in our “Culture of Accountability” workshop last week at MKC. I’ve pass on your post to all who participated, as a re-inforcing message.

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