Comm Series #9: What People Need to Know

8 Mar

Remember the principle: Better informed = better performance.

People in the workplace seem to perform best when they know three key chunks (how I know this is a long story).  These are:

1.   As much as possible about their jobs

2.   How their jobs fit into the process of work

3.   The “big picture”

This week let’s examine #1.  People live in their jobs.  The job is one of our most important social roles.  It provides:

  • Compensation
  • A social system (friends & colleagues)
  • An identity

The negative effects of losing a job involuntarily demonstrate how much adaptive behavior a job supports.

Every one of the tools we have discussed in the previous eight blogs, if properly used by a person’s immediate manager, can support and enhance understanding of and performance in a job.

Consider also this more overarching fact:  A job is fundamentally a set of responsibilities.  How many people in the workplace fully understand this idea?  An effective technique in new management practice is to define the core responsibilities of jobs. This is an example of principle-driven management. These are the elements of the job that, if not accomplished, cause the job to collapse. For example, one of the core responsibilities in my job (which is also my company) is marketing and sales. No sales, no work, no job and no business.

Next week: How the job fits into the process of work.

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