Comm Series #11: What people Need to Know (3)

23 Mar

Two weeks ago we noted that being well informed about their jobs was the first thing people at work need to know to drive their performance.  Last week, that understanding how jobs fit into the process of work is essential to understanding work flows, minimizing sub-optimization and building quality. The third is an understanding of the “big picture.”

Most people have two major organizations in their lives: Family and job.  During our working years many of us spend more time at work than with our families. People in the workplace are naturally very interested in the place where they spend much of their lives.  They want to know:

•What is the strategy?

•Who are the competitors?

•How the company is doing?

•What does the future bring?

• And more……..

These are a few of the key aspects that interest employees. Experience shows that such information, when thoughtfully shared, serves to motivate employees by making them feel connected to the organization. Some management development experts argue that properly framed, this information can build involvement and improve productivity.  The most formal of these approaches is called open book management.

Next week: Who is responsible for managing this information?

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