Book Talks (1)

6 Apr

I have been doing book talks around the Midwest and having some interesting experiences.  Last week I visited three Caribou Coffee locations in the Twin Cities and did book chats.

At one store the manager and I visited about Beyond Luck.

She noted that what really helped her was the explicit, practical advice as well as the “unbook” organization.  She could go to any topic anywhere and find a useful idea to help her solve people problems.

I asked her what was the most useful information she had learned from the book so far.  She mentioned the first article in the book, Some basics of an effective management style. A really boring title – it should be called the “Manager from Hell”.  She was fascinated by the list of 11 management practices that employees find disrespectful and incompetent.  I compiled this list over many years from employee surveys, interviews as well as from observations in the workplaces.

#1 Sarcasm (“tearing flesh” in Latin),


#11 E-mail offenses too many to enumerate.

For an example of lousy e-mail etiquette go to: Reply All: The Button Everyone Loves to Hate.

To see the other nine, go to Beyond Luck, click on “Preview the Book” and scroll to The Basics of an Effective Management Style.

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