Comm Series #15: The Information Continuum

18 May

In the last two posts we reviewed data, information, explicit and tacit knowledge, now for scientific knowledge.

Science, in the broadest sense, refers to any system of knowledge which attempts to model objective reality. In a more restricted sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.  Scientific knowledge can be thought of as “why” knowledge and gets us closer to the issue of ultimate verities.

Comparing management and medicine is useful to help understand these types of knowledge.  Medicine is a scientifically driven art.  This means that the science can be learned in a conventional manner but there is enormous tacit knowledge that makes the difference between a mediocre practitioner and an expert.  Medical Schools recognize the importance of tacit knowledge in the manner they train physicians.   In physician training huge amounts time are spent on-the-job under the close supervision of experienced mentors.

Management is a principle driven art.  The best managers I have encountered report they have or had mentors that helped them develop their style.  Food for thought.

Next week: Wisdom

BIG NEWS:  Beyond Luck is now an e-book on Amazon.  At $6.95 it’s a great deal and it looks marvelous on an iPad.

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