Say-Do Paradox Winner

22 Jun

David Salazar Says:

I think the say/do concept is a great concept. It reminds me of Bushido, the Japanese code of conduct meaning “way of the warrior”. One of the codes in Bushido is honor. In our class, we talked about respect, but I believe honor is also a great characteristic of a leader. In my studies of Bushido, I learned that a samurai never had to promise to do something. If he said he would do it, it would be done. This is the very nature of the say/do concept.

On the other hand, instead of the say/do concept, what about just the do concept? The say/do concept is great in theory but there is no relationship to the time in between the actual “say” and “do”. How many times have we all said we were going to do the dishes but did not really intend on doing them any time soon. My father taught me that actions speak louder than words. I think the do concept also has merit in that our actions define us.

David Salazar of KJWW Engineering wins a copy of Beyond Luck with the above incisive comment.  Thank you, David.

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