Axioms #8: Watch The Waitress

24 Aug

This is one of my favorite stories.  Suppose we go out to lunch and the food is good but the service is terrible.  If you think “stupid, uncaring waitress” you’re very likely wrong.  Instead ask the following questions:  How many tables is she covering?  How much training has she had?  What is the interface with the kitchen like?  Does she also run the cash register?  Do her……  etc., etc., etc.  BUT the most important question is: What is her boss’s management style?

Any and every manager can be the one who helps you succeed or makes you fail.  No one has more direct effect on our work-lives than our immediate boss.

Several weeks ago I spoke with a recently retired person and asked “How is retirement better?”  She said “I don’t get sick on Sunday night any more.”  I have heard this story too often and have had the opportunity on a couple occasions to do an assessment is such places.  It’s always the key manager.

Go to:, click on “preview the book” and scroll down to The Basics of an Effective Management Style on pp.  11.  The pull-out quote is “Unfortunately, many of us have had the dubious opportunity to work for the manager from hell.”  Boy, did I miss the boat on this article, it should be called “The Manager From Hell.”

Beyond Luck is now an e-book on Amazon.  At $6.95 it’s a great deal.

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