Manager From Hell Self-Test

21 Sep

Following up on the “Watch the Waitress” blog.

Over the years of working in organizations I have compiled a list of managerial practices that employees find disrespectful and incompetent.  Consider using this list as a private self-test.  Answering yes to any one of these suggests that you need to do some thoughtful reflection about your management style.


–       sarcasm directly to a person (Latin root – “tearing flesh”)

–       condescension, “talking down” to people

–       not listening, ignoring

–       sniping (talking about someone when you should be talking to them)

–       punishing

–       writing policies or scolding “all” for one person’s misbehavior

–       breaking confidences

–       asking for input when the decision has been made

–       not explaining why

–       giving negative feedback with others present

–       “talking over” people in meetings

–       habitually coming to meetings late

–       multi-tasking or side-talking during meetings

–       e-communication all hours of the day and night

–       e-mail offences too many to enumerate

Actually let me enumerate what may be the most disliked email offense, overusing “reply all.”

Beyond Luck is now an e-book on Amazon.  At $6.95 it’s a great deal.

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