Thank You, Steve

11 Oct

The leadership literature often speaks to the importance of ‘crucibles” in the development of leaders.  Crucibles are powerful emotional events that catalyze self-analysis and lead to important life-change.  In my own experience as a consultant I have had many opportunities to discuss such events with clients and am impressed how powerful these discussions are in the context of a change process.

Recently Newsweek had an interesting article, one of many in the press, on Steve Jobs.  Here is a quote from the article:

“The essential things to know about Jobs’s life emerged in a speech he gave in spring 2005 at Stanford University. It was a commencement address, an ungripping form, and yet Jobs’s speech was one of the wisest I have ever read. The style in which he framed the address shows that while the computer world gained a supergeek, the literary world might have lost a powerful storyteller. In fact, his life has a weirdly fictional flavor, as though he’s the embodiment of the urgent dreamer.”

To read the text of this speech, it’s pretty short but emotionally powerful, goto:

For those of you who prefer video gotto:

Not many graduation speeches get a standing ovation.

To read the article in Newsweek goto:

Then goto SEARCH and use: “How Apple Revolutionized Our World”

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