“A Crucible Is….

19 Oct

a place or set of circumstances where people are subjected to forces that test them and often make them change.” – dictionary

I hope you viewed the video of Steve Jobs at the 2005 Stanford graduation last week.  If not, please do so.  Three powerful crucibles helped shape his life.

Research on leadership shows that such crucibles are an integral part of the development of leaders.  To read an article on this goto Crucibles of Leadership.

Recently, in a leadership development retreat, individuals shared crucibles that shaped their lives.  What an extraordinary experience to hear these stories.  All were personal and powerful.

Consider:  A shy, introverted young man who met his future wife and she helped him to play from his strengths and become a better person.  A woman who was fired from a stressful job she was reluctant to leave and then moved on to find the perfect job for her.  A woman who was informed by a high school counselor “Women go to college to obtain their Mrs.” She used that insult as a source of motivation to become a successful professional and mother.  A college student preparing to drop out when his mom convinced him to stay in and succeed – and he did.  A teacher who convinced a young girl she could do anything a man could and opened up new horizons and opportunities for her.

These crucibles can be inflection points in our lives.

Food for thought.

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