Basic Coaching

4 Jan

Last week I sent you to a link on coaching in a team setting.  But what about working with a “newbee” or someone who is struggling to master a new job?  For this the definitive protocol exists in a book entitled Zapp! The lightening of empowerment.  Develop excellent performance in “7” simple steps.  Please remember that these are principles, not rules.  Thus, you must practice and fit them to your style.  The critical elements are:

1. Explain the purpose and importance of what you are trying to teach.

2. Explain the process to be used.

3. Demonstrate how it’s done.

4. Observe as the other person practices the process.

5. Provide immediate and specific feedback.

6. Express confidence in the person’s ability.

7. Agree on follow-up actions.

This process is skill- and time- intensive.  When practiced effectively it almost always works.  If it doesn’t, you have identified yet another issue (motivation, ability).  Many companies use this tool in a “buddy system” where an experienced person, usually not a manager, is paired up with a “newbie.”

More on Happiness and productivity.  See the January-February issue of the Harvard Business Review.

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