How Employees Fail #2

18 Jan

Research shows there are three broad predictors of success in the workplace:

• Competence

• People skills

• Integrity

Put more explicitly, problem employees:

• Are incapable of carrying out their basic job

• Treat others (co-workers, customers, vendors) badly

• Lie, cheat, steal

Let’s review tactics to address each of these issues one at a time.

This issue of poor performance in the technical aspects of the job is probably the easiest of the three.  If your hiring practices are satisfactory, sometimes people do not master a job.  A reasonable assumption is they need training/coaching.  You should begin with intensive coaching.  Most people rapidly respond favorably to this type of attention.  If six weeks of this doesn’t show progress then you may have to consider finding a better job fit for the person or releasing them from employment.  More about this later in this series.  Next week, what about integrity problems?

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