How Employees Fail #5: Not Playing well with Others

8 Feb

Competence, Integrity and People skill are the three predictors of positive performance in the workplace.  Of the three, most people problems will be with those who don’t play well with others.  These range from poor attendance to screaming and shouting and are the most difficult to address and solve.  Many high performance organizations practice the following principle:

• Hire for attitude        

because they have learned that people with bad attitudes cause most of the problems in the workplace.

An attitude is a combination of thoughts, feelings and actions.  Most people can spot a bad “attitude” pretty quickly.

Consider your direct reports and rank order them from best to worst using the above criteria.  Next week we will talk about how to use this tool to identify and initiate tactics to manage problem people.

To read more about problem people goto: Beyond Luck, click on review the book and scroll to:  The Basics of an Effective Management Style.  The list of difficult behaviors is useful when considering the people at the bottom of your rank ordering.

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