How Employees Fail #6: Begin by……

14 Feb

If you rank order your direct reports from best to worst, (you may want to do this with your peers, but give careful consideration to the why & how of doing so) notice they group into at least three categories based on our criteria: Excellent performers, good to very good performers and people with issues.

Before you begin working with this group you must have solid counseling and feedback skills.

When working with people to influence change, please remember:

Change imposed is change opposed.

Ask yourself this question

          Am I doing this with them or to them? 

Your approach/style will impact the probable outcome.  Always begin “soft” and be prepared to become “hard.”

As in

“let me work with you on this.”


“You must improve or there will be consequences.”

You must be prepared to work in this range.

Next week let’s define the two main types of problem employees.

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