How Employees Fail #8: Troublesome

28 Feb

The other major category of problem employees is troublesome. Typical behaviors such as anger, cynicism, complaining, blaming and avoiding responsibility disrupt the workplace. Co-workers often dislike them.  In general, these people will consume large amounts of manager time.

Fortunately only a small proportion of people in the workplace are troublesome.  However with poor management, workplaces can become produce large numbers of troubled and troublesome employees and become toxic..

Working with troublesome people demands that you be very planful and systematic is your actions.  It is people such as these that policies for managing employees such as progressive counseling (progressive discipline exist.

The purpose of progressive counseling is three fold:

  1. To assure the organization that people are treated fairly.
  2. To create a escalating plan of action for managers.
  3. To make is explicit to employees that their behavior must change

Next week: Beginning progressive counseling.

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