Introversion #1

14 Mar

Note from a colleague after the last week’s blog – “How about some good news?”  So let’s take a break from problem employees and examine some very good news for introverts, and everyone else too.

First, a simple test for introversion:

Would you rather stay home and do something you really enjoy or go to a large meeting of strangers expecting to interact with many people?

Next, a simple definition of introversion-extraversion:

Extraverts are emotionally energized by social interactions, the reverse is the opposite for introverts.  I am exhausted after too much social interaction.

Myth about introverts:

They are interpersonally less skilled than extraverts.  This is nonsense, interacting with others is a learned skill, it just takes more effort for introverts.  Although there is evidence some people cannot master social interactions.

Scientific fact about introversion-extraversion:

It has a large genetic component, more that half in most studies.  This explains why it’s harder for introverts to be socially skilled.

The Good News:

Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption.

More about this next week.

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