Introversion #5: Spend a Little Time Inside Your Head

11 Apr

A study of 95-year olds asked them “what would you do differently?”  The most frequent response was “spend more time reflecting.”

The most marvelous construct in the universe is the human mind.  In fact physicists’ anthropic principle could be inferred to state that “the universe was created to produce the human mind.”

Make some time in your life, every day if possible, to spend in deep reflection.  I hope you will be in conversation with the most interesting person you know, your greatest supporter and your harshest critic.  Doing this will certainly have a powerful positive impact on the quality of your life.

Susan Cain has recently writer a book on introversion, although I don’t recommend it to you because some of the Amazon reviews note that her presentation of the science is not very good.  I do recommend you spend a few minutes watching her.

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