Smart vs Bright

18 Apr

When it comes to relationships have you noticed how some managers seem able to make anything work whereas others manage to botch everything they try?  Look at the “Manager From Hell” blogs for examples.  I invite you to contribute one of you own stories if you have a particularly insensitive manager.  In Beyond Luck I note that a poor manger can use almost any well-designed and well-intentioned tool to do harm.

There is a compelling explanation of why this happens and it is related to the nature of knowledge.  Knowledge comes in three flavors, explicit, tacit and scientific.  Explicit knowledge is “book learning.”  Tacit knowledge is “experiential learning.  Tacit or intuitive knowledge has a high sensitivity to emotion.

Great managers know how their actions will make people feel and in most human interactions “emotion trumps reason.”  Learning to read, predict and manage the emotional environment is EQ, “emotional intelligence.”

Have you also noticed how some people can be very intelligent but also very dumb?  Examples abound of people who are high performers yet their insensitivity to others wreaks havoc in organizations.

If you are about to become a manager or are a new manager, I suggest you read “Becoming the Boss.”  It will help you realign your expectations.

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