Manage Your Stress: Inventory Your Stressors

8 Aug


People are basically stimulus seekers, each of us is trying to find an optimal level of stimulation, not too low or high.

Trying to manage our arousal/stress levels is difficult because of their causal complexity and potential abundance.  Images inside our heads to conditioning from distant childhood experiences to the immediacy of a bad boss can trigger stress.  Each of us probably carries a unique set of events that set us off or accumulate to set us off.

Begin identifying the stress inducing events in your life.  Consider the following buckets with some examples of sources of stress in each.  Is this stress coming from:

  • Your head – thoughts images, expectations
  • Your body – stressing from some bodily malfunction or limitation
  • Family – relationships and money
  • Work – relationships, the job, your co-workers, your boss the company
  • Community – garbage pick up to……

I didn’t mention nation as all of you probably live in the USA.  Imagine living in North Korea

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