Why In The Office?

22 Aug


Last week we looked at how technology is reducing our ability to carry out conversations and thus to be reflective.  By happenstance an article in the Sunday NY Times on August 19 noted another side effect of over dependency on technology:  A tendency to share inappropriate information.  Examples

How are you doing (from a manager)?  Well. I haven’t had sex for five years, so I guess I’m not doing so well.  Employee to HR manager” “I’m looking for a new job and it should take six to eight months.”

The article offers 5 Qs to ask yourself before you begin sharing too much too personal.

  1. Who is listening to me?
  2. Why am I sharing this?  What’s the point?
  3. In this situation would less be better?
  4. Have I left my emotional baggage outside the door?
  5. Does what I’m sharing benefit my career or the quality of my work relationships.

For those of you who have such a colleague, perhaps an anonymous pointer to the article.


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