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Leadership and Trust: A Refresher

26 Sep

There is probably nothing as important to the effective functioning of people and organizations as a high degree of trust.  Therefore it’s a good idea to take another look at trust from time-to-time as a refresher.  The WSJournal recently had a thoughtful article worth reading for such a refresher.

Please note the author’s failure to discuss your trust baseline when beginning to work with people:  To trust, or to not trust and wait for evidence to trust.  This is often an issue for thoughtful people.  My opinion is most people are trustworthy, so it is a good baseline to trust from the beginning as you collect evidence.  However, you must be aware of the possible consequences of not trusting and not fall into the trap of Pollyannaish naiveté.

The Journal article is a good read at:

Office Politics: Who you know or …..

19 Sep

The answer to the perennial question in the world of work: What’s more important, What you know or who you know” is YES.

An article from the WSJ reframes  “office politics” in a way that makes them more understandable, and less frightening and intractable.  Here is the definition of healthy “office politics:”

Building relationships and networks

Not picking fights over trivial issues

Informing others about your accomplishments

Asking for advice and help

These are ethical “can dos” that help you to understand and master organizational dynamics.  For a more in-depth discussion go to:

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Essential For Leadership

12 Sep

Here are some key ideas essential to anyone seeking to develop into a leader.  The first is we are living in an information economy where work has migrated from muscle to mind:

Second, the American economy and thus the universe of organizations comes in three flavors:

Private for-profit exists to “create wealth”

Public exists to “protect and serve”

Private not-for-profit exists to “do good”