Pump Primer (a)

12 Dec

Last week I asked you to complete the following analogy.

___ trumps intelligence…… and intelligence trumps ___

To browse the responses go to last week’s blog.  Isn’t this a great way to begin an interesting discussion? Here is a content analysis of the responses to the first part.  I have chosen the response that seems to best describe the clusters.

Social intelligence (n = 7)


Gut or instincts

Social intelligence



Heart and soul

Faith and hope

Character (n = 4)




Sound judgment

Common sense  (n = 2)

Common sense

Common sense

Logic (n – 1)

Hard work (n = 1)

Resourcefulness (n = 1)

Experience (n = 1)

Plot 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 on an X – Y axis and you have a Pareto analysis.  Next week let’s look at and Pareto the second half of the analogy.  Comments?

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