Pump Primers (b)

19 Dec

Two weeks ago I posted this analogy.  “_____ trumps intelligence, intelligence trumps_____.”

A Pareto analysis of the responses to:” _____ trumps intelligence” was posted last week.

An analysis of “intelligence trumps _____” follows.

Effort (n = 4)

Hard work.




Knowledge (n = 2)

“Book knowledge”


Emotion (n = 1)


Luck  (n = 1)


Theory (n = 1)


Instinct (n = 1)


Ego (n = 1)


Talent (n = 1)


Acquiescence (n = 1)


Laziness (n = 1)


Risk aversion (n = 1)


Two outliers broke the analogy and cannot be fitted into the analysis:

Intelligence usually works for the people with experience!

I have no idea what intelligence trumps!

Comparing the two, it is clear there is a high degree of agreement about what trumps intelligence.  In fact it is reasonable to cluster common sense into the first category.  The analogy shows that common sense (aka social intelligence) and character are characteristics more important than intelligence.  There is serious work supporting this perception.

The Pareto analysis of the second part of the analogy is one of the weakest I have ever seen.  Two clusters and lots of singles.  It is fascinating that a group of thoughtful people show only minimal convergence on “Intelligence trumps____.”  The image shows Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence – yet another pump primer.  I have some ideas about this lack of convergence, do you?

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