Jane Austen 2013

2 Jan

In January 200 years ago Pride and Prejudice was published.  This morning in the Iowa City Press Citizen Jane Nardin published an article entitled After 200 Years, the words of Jane Austen ring true.

In case the link doesn’t last, let me share some highlights:

From Mansfield Park: “Tom was better for forever for his illness, he had suffered and he had learned to think, two advantages that he had never known before.”

From Sense and Sensibility about a young man who carries on a long discourse on a topic he knows nothing about:  “Elinor agreed to it all for she did not think she he deserved the compliment of rational opposition.”

From Emma about what will happen to the child of a particularly indulgent young mother.  Mr. Knightly, the most sensible and agreeable man in all of Austen’s novels, comments in a response to Emma:  “Nothing very bad – the fate of thousands.  She will be disagreeable in fancy, and correct herself as she grows older.”

Read the article, it’s a joy.


One Response to “Jane Austen 2013”

  1. Patrice E. Accola January 2, 2013 at 8:43 am #

    Happy New Year, John!

    Great tie in to leadership. Reminds me when Harold Bloom was asked to create a list of required reading for Bill Gates, et al.


    Hope you are well….kind regards, Patrice

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