Are You a Micro-manager?

6 Mar

Last summer I was invited to a HS class reunion.  Fortunately I was not able to attend (HS was not the high point of my life).  However I did contact  friends from that era and had a couple interesting conversations.  During one of these an old pal nicknamed Duff came up.  I asked for his phone number and was told he didn’t have a phone because he got angry and tore it off the wall.  Oops, he had an impulse control issue several decades ago in HS.  Turns out he was divorced, estranged from his daughters and living in a trailer house across the street from his aged parents.  Duff was a micro-manager of his life.  Consider what you want your life to be in several decades.

Here is a simple self-test and a brief discussion of the negative effects of micromanaging on the employee as well as the manager.  Consider this aphorism:  If you try to control everything, in the long run you control nothing

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