Community Leadership

11 Sep

This week the Greater Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce kicks off its Community Leadership Program.  Beginning in September and continuing through June, the program is a process that invites 24 people to have an inside view of key facets of the communities and provides the time for reflection on leadership.

Leadership is easy to identify but difficult to define.  The most recent and compelling work on leadership suggests that leadership is not a “What” but rather a “How.”  Leadership is a lifelong process of self-development that is largely values driven.

Leaders are people who have a firm ethical base, a keen understanding of themselves and their world and deploy their talents to improve the quality of others’ lives.

To these ends the program is designed to give its participants access to a wide variety of community leaders, a deeper understanding of the key assets of the community, a network of trusted colleagues and a set of experiences that will guide their development as leaders.

For an introduction to Iowa go to:

And some considerations for leadership development:


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