Plan For a Successful Life

11 Dec

Consider this developmental model of a person’s life. Attitudes, a combination of thoughts and emotions support relationships. Relationships are the glue that binds roles together. Roles are the building blocks of organizations. Organizations define our lives. Obviously, this is not a direct causal chain but throughout the links there are many reciprocal and interdependent interactions. Consider the question, what do you do? The answer to this single question probably tells you more about a person than any other.

The latest thinking and writing about leadership sees it not as a set of skills to be mastered, such as management, but rather a life-long journey of self-discovery, development and wise self-deployment of a person’s strengths. This is an example of a relatively new perspective labeled positive psychology. Briefly, instead of focusing on a person’s weaknesses, identify their strengths and help them self-manage from that base.

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