Ten Tips for Execs

26 Feb

A recent article in the WSJ suggested a self-test for executives.  Consider these suggestions and think about how they apply to managers:

  1. The less you confide in others the better it will go for you.
  2. Be sure to manage down.
  3. Leadership is a full-time job and the duty clock is never off.
  4. Keep listening to and for advice.
  5. The wisecrack you believe is witty is often not.
  6. The important thing is to be sure the important thing remains the important thing.
  7. Never complain, never explain, no one listens. Take the blame.
  8. Trust your professional advisors and accept their advice. Make decisions and move on.
  9. Be careful about the use of the work average – one can drown in a river with an average depth of 6 inches.
  10.  Never do anything that you would be unhappy to see on a newspaper front page.


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