Three Rules for Leaders

26 Mar

A Fast Company conversation with Anne Sweeney and Ken Robinson explores each one’s set of three rules for being a great leader.


Anne Sweeney’s 3 Rules for Being a Great Leader:

1. Show up”Walk around the halls. Eat in the cafeteria. When you show up, it means you are paying attention. It means you want to make sure people know how their world connects to the bigger whole.”

2. Hold everyone accountable for each other”We are stapled together. We live and die by each other’s successes and failures.”

3. Communicate as a person, not simply as a boss”Have a conversation. Don’t have it be a reporting relationship.”

Sir Ken Robinson’s 3 Rules for Being a Great Leader

1. Adopt a growth mind-set”If you’re always thinking about possibility, you’ll find it. You’ll keep creating the future.”

2. Create your own life

“The ‘element’ is where natural aptitude meets personal passion. It’s great if you’re in your element at work, because you get energy from that. But for people who aren’t, finding this elsewhere is important.”

3. Unlock others

“People get locked into their job descriptions. If you create a culture where they feel encouraged to unleash their various talents, they’re more engaged.



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