Talking With The most Interesting Person I Know

14 May



Recently the Wall Journal had a great article with a video and radio interview about self-talk. Self Talk, both sub-vocally and out-loud is a research-proven self-management tool, although most of us do it sub-vocally. It is the tool we can use to alter our level of optimism – pessimism.


Research shows that optimists:

  • Live longer
  • Are healthier
  • Have better relationships
  • Have higher morale on-the-job
  • Are more personally satisfied (happy) &
  • Report having better lives when asked at age 85


“Optimism is the tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation, defined by how we self-talk to frame events:

Bad events are temporary setbacks,

Isolated to particular circumstances and

Can be overcome by effort and abilities”   – Martin Seligman


A series of blogs on optimism discuss this topic in-depth, link to an optimism-pessimism self-test and introduce strategies to improve your optimism.


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