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14 Habits of Miserable People

19 Nov

From time-to-time a colleague will send an article that both gives me a chuckle and also describes someone I know to a T. Here are 14 self-defeating behaviors that will assure anyone a miserable life. Who says we cannot learn for a negative example?

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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

12 Nov


Recently the WSJ had an interesting article on happiness and money. Turns out that it isn’t how much you have but how you use it. No surprise to psychologists who study personal satisfaction (aka happiness).

Boosting Engagement – Making Decisions

5 Nov




When I began consulting in organizations, that would be when Moby Dick was a minnow, we often heard the term participation, then somehow it morphed into involvement (I  liked this one better); then it  morphed into empowerment (I didn’t like this one at all) and now it has morphed into engagement (pretty good). What do these synonyms mean? Mary Kay Asche wrote a wonderful management book about 20+ years ago entitled “Mary Kay On People Management.” Full of common sense, practical, do-it-tomorrow advice. Here is her definition of the above terms: PEOPLE SUPPORT WHAT THEY HELP CREATE.

Ain’t it easy? Nope! How do you do it? One way is by understanding the nature of decision making in organization, having a repertory of each of the four and knowing when to use them appropriately. To see how go to Boosting Engagement – Making Decisions.