Boosting Engagement – Making Decisions

5 Nov




When I began consulting in organizations, that would be when Moby Dick was a minnow, we often heard the term participation, then somehow it morphed into involvement (I  liked this one better); then it  morphed into empowerment (I didn’t like this one at all) and now it has morphed into engagement (pretty good). What do these synonyms mean? Mary Kay Asche wrote a wonderful management book about 20+ years ago entitled “Mary Kay On People Management.” Full of common sense, practical, do-it-tomorrow advice. Here is her definition of the above terms: PEOPLE SUPPORT WHAT THEY HELP CREATE.

Ain’t it easy? Nope! How do you do it? One way is by understanding the nature of decision making in organization, having a repertory of each of the four and knowing when to use them appropriately. To see how go to Boosting Engagement – Making Decisions.


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