Latest on Optimism

31 Dec

Optimism is a powerful learned attitude, attitude = cognition + emotion, that predicts many successful life outcomes. Recently I came upon a TED video that is quite intriguing. It really is worth the time and is quite thought provoking, as is new research.


One Response to “Latest on Optimism”

  1. Matt Nidlinger January 1, 2015 at 8:07 am #

    Ms. Sharot provided some great direction for us as leaders. It’s important to keep our teams’ optimism levels high, as success leads to success and greater results can be achieved, but we also have to be able to step back and put potential risks in perspective. A major asset to me being able to do this is to take time away from day to day activities (personal or work related) and think about the overall strategy. This allows me to get out of a defensive and urgent mode and move into more of a proactive and planning approach. When I have more time to think about what can happen, I am able to avoid potential pitfalls.

    One question this video left me with was how to capitalize on the value that anticipation can bring to an individual’s optimism. How can I continually build anticipation about the next project, next day’s work, etc.?

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