The ‘un-book’

Beyond Luck is an “un-book” contains 75 short (about 800 words), practical articles, each of which is interlinked to three other supporting or complementing pieces. Thus, rather than read this front to back like a traditional book, you can enter this “un-book” anywhere and follow your interests. Included are single articles that offer tools to solve practical problems and series that allow time for study and reflection. These range from the tactical to the strategic and assume that competently leading and managing is a learned art focused on people.

While the content is the draw, the organizing structure makes accessing the right article at the right moment a quick, easy task. The articles are grouped in five major areas: management practices; management principles; leadership and executive behavior; motivation and morale, jobs and job loss and personal development. Three indices breaking the content down by topics, problems solved and personal development further assist navigating your own path to leadership success.

For a sneak read of the un-book, check out Chapter Downloads.

One Response to “The ‘un-book’”

  1. Jerry Storz May 18, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    I am currently a doctoral student and my research and dissertation is focuing in on nonprofit organizations and the ambiguity of roles and responsibilities of board members.

    I’m so glad I stumbled on your website! It all looks practical and applicable to where I am today as a student and where I hope to be in the future as a consultant.

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