“The 216 page book is broken up into 77 mini-essays, or chunks, that are divided into five categories: Management Practices; Management Principals; Leadership and Executive Behavior; Motivational Morale, Jobs and Job Loss; and Personal Development. Most chunks are two to three pages in length, easy to read and to understand with concepts backed with real-life examples. The mini essay titles alone are enough to get most people reading.”
David Elbert, business columnist for the Des Moines Register | Full review

“Beyond Luck is a book that will remain on my desk, not on a shelf. Every page offers practical advice for managers and leaders in tackling the challenges of their daily work. John Langhorne’s thoughtful wisdom serves as the voice of an executive coach, helping anyone dedicated to being the best leader than can be for their organization and for their employees.”
Gayle Roberts – President, Stanley Consultants

“John Langhorne’s un-book addresses issues that managers and leaders deal with on a daily basis. The brief article format makes the sometimes-overwhelming problems that leaders face less daunting. The un-book makes it very easy for busy people to read, consider and act on. Though the articles are short, they are not short on practical wisdom — wisdom borne of John’s depth and breadth of on-the-ground consulting experience and of his relentless tracking of best business practices. Whether approached an article at a time, or in several longer reads, anyone committed to improving business quality and productivity will find Beyond Luck a valuable resource.”
Sue Ekberg, Ph.D. – Owner, Career Focus

“I have enjoyed reading John Langhorne’s book Beyond Luck. I found the articles to be quick primers on a wide variety of topics of interest to any manager wanting to excel at their craft. Each was applicable, timely and helpful to me as I considered issues within my business. They also provided many references to full articles where I could find out more about each topic.”
David Bywater – President, Tru Art Advertising

“Beyond Luck is a must-have guide for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders who want their organization to thrive. The format is perfect for busy executives who need targeted solutions to challenging problems. Langhorne strikes a balance between theory and practice, with an approach that is research-based and has been fine-tuned over many years of working with people at small and mid-sized companies. The advice in this book is intuitively organized and incredibly useful. It’s a book every manager and leader should keep close by.”
Lynn Manternach, Ph.D. – President & Co-owner, MindFire Communications Inc.

“Beyond Luck is one of the few business books out there that covers the full range of topics that an effective manager and leader must master. The author deftly fills the gap between theory and tactics in a way that promotes fundamental understanding without unnecessary theory or resorting to management gimmicks of questionable lasting value. Its unique format allows the reader to quickly zero in on areas of interest. This efficient format makes Beyond Luck the perfect resource for troubleshooting emergent problems or planning a program of self improvement. Most managers will quickly learn that this book is not one to be read and then added to “the collection,” but rather to be used and kept within arm’s reach of one’s desk.”
Mark Post – Chief Operating Officer, Carver Pump

“Beyond Luck is a collection of “sound bites” every manager needs who wants to be a great leader. The quick, easy-to-digest article selections helped me identify a problem and formulate a solution, all while waiting for my flight to taxi down the runway. A must-read for the entrepreneur.”
Dawn Ainger- President, Genova Technologies

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