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Smile: It Makes A Differrrrrence!!!!

3 Oct

Sometimes this blog gets pretty serious, but here is an article from the WSJournal that brought a smile and a chuckle.  Three points in the pull-out that may to invite you to click:

Say “cheese.”

Emotions are contagious.

Free cookies.

Go to:

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Check out Gallup for the weekly happiness survey of the USA.

Happiness Links

14 Dec

Happiness is interesting.  Many of you may want to do more reading and/or watching on this topic. Try these in order of my preference for:

• An interesting, amusing and charming TED video entitled “The Surprising Science of Happiness”:

• A daily update on the happiness of the USA from Gallup:

and scroll left for a statistical overview of twelve measures.

• A picture of the distribution of happiness in the USA:

and click on the happiness button on the left sidebar.  Seems as if those of us who live in the upper Midwest are the happiest people in the USA.

• A short interesting read on the distribution of happiness across the world:

• If you who want a good read, 300 pages, on the philosophical, moral and scientific history of happiness:

Happiness How To

7 Dec

Recently I did a blog on happiness because a colleague sent an article from a foreign student who wrote “all Americans think about is money so we are not happy.”  The blog showed Americans are among the happiest people in the world.

This is the season when some people experience happiness and others become depressed.  Perhaps a review of what is known about happiness is appropriate. Also as the year ends we may want to reflect on our level of happiness and work on some private goals to improve ours and others around us levels of happiness.

For a empirically validated self-test and a overview of what researchers know about happiness go to:  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of….

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Happiness Revisited

26 Oct

Recently a colleague forwarded an article to me written by an exchange student from Denmark. She says:  “I am from Denmark, and came to Orlando to study abroad for this semester. I love it here, but life is different from back home. Here, everyone talks a lot about money. In fact, everything is money.”

This article did not make me happy (pun intended).  How did this young woman get such a distorted view of America?  Do you know anyone who is personally driven by money?  I have been in 350+ organizations and we almost never talk about money.  I now have 99 posts on this blog, not one of them is about money.

I concede that Danes are very happy, in fact Denmark is the happiest country in Europe, perhaps in the world.

But Americans are also very happy. Except for Mexico, North America is a very happy place.  However, it seems that Florida is not as happy as the upper Midwest, perhaps this explains her perception of the experience, as well as her lack of graciousness.  Clearly, no Iowa Nice where she has been living.

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The Science of Happiness

13 Oct

Searching in TED, I found two very interesting videos on happiness.

Psychologist Nancy Etcoff (19:43 minutes) on “The surprising science of happiness.” This is a lucid and entertaining scientific overview with lots of interesting data. She introduces a human response I had not of heard before, biophilia.  If you can find 20 minutes, take the time – it’s worthwhile.

Dan Gilbert (21.20 minutes) in “Why are we happy” places happiness in the evolutionary continuum and gives insights into how our minds steer our happiness.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of……..

6 Oct

Recently in a leadership group we were discussing happiness, and did a round-robin self-assessment of our levels of happiness.  We all agreed we were a pretty happy group.  This was especially true of one of our members who just got a new, and apparently more interesting and pleasant boss.

Happiness is explicitly noted in the Declaration of Independence, so Americans have been striving for this fine state of being for some time.

There are now tests to measure the level of our happiness and there seems to be some agreement on what are the core causal variables that produce happiness.

For an interesting (five quick questions) self-survey of happiness,


There are quite a few interesting links on this site.  I particularly liked the one on Gratitude.

For a short overview of happiness and the primary variables that contribute to happiness go to: